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Your Real Business Partner

PICCO is an audit firm which provides forward-thinking solutions, service that exceeds the expectations and create opportunity, value, and trust for our clients, our people, and our communities.



Adherence to accounting standards, laws and regulations


Customization of services based on the client’s needs


Extensive knowledge to add value on the client’s entity


Any information is always treated as strictly confidential

Outsource for Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy

At PICCO we offer a completed accounting and payroll solution to our clients and available financial information at any time.

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Be Proactive, put Controls and Protect your Interest.

We provide audit & assurance services with commitment to the interest of shareholders, stakeholders and other users of the financial statements.

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Be Informed, Plan and Gain the Tax Opportunities.

With PICCO, our clients have the privilege of experienced tax professional with the technical skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking to address the tax challenges.

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PICCO Global Alliance

PICCO Global Alliance is an international alliance constituted by independent Audit Firms across the world.

All Allies share the same philosophy and mission, to provide exceptional cost-effective services with the principal aim the adding value to their clients. Number of professionals together, they share their combined expertise from around the world with the aim to maximize the quality of services and provide highly-customized business solutions to the clients. Our members provide the best solutions for companies and individuals to achieve their goals with less resources and much more global expertise that result to the minimization of their risk and maximization of their return.

Different Vision, the Way Forward

Your real business partner